(People Oriented Leader Solutions)
           POL Solutions is a big picture thinker of different projects.  We work  with our customers through the entire project, from the idea phase to the finished product.  We are specialized in many areas like equipment installation and operation,  industrial services piping, electricity and automation and even in construction processes.  When we enter to a project to do a particular task, we will only leave that project when that task is already finished.

         POL Solutions has an extensive knowledge in industry standards, hygienic engineering for food manufacturing and project management expertise.  We also provide technical training to all workers upon completion of the projects.

         To stress relief customers, POL Solutions assumes the full responsibility for the quality of work  as part of the contract.  If something goes wrong, POL Solutions will get if fixed. 

         POL Solutions also offers managing the project budget, supervising workers, choosing the right materials, keeping the project on schedule, problem solving, and other related works of project leaders or managers. To make sure structures are legal, we understand and comply with all relevant safety codes and regulations.

        POL Solutions have good time management ability to meet tight deadlines and personal initiative. We are also proficiency with spreadsheet software, such as Excel, MS Project, and most importantly we have knowledge of the Project Management Tools that are now commonly used in managing projects.
Engr. Pol E. Panganiban
Founder of POL Solutions
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